How to get your appliance to perform most efficiently

Load it up. Always wait until you have a full load before putting on a wash - two half-loads will use more energy than a single full load. 

Wash at 30°C. Washing clothes at 30 degrees, rather than at higher temperatures, uses around 40% less energy. Many modern washing powders and detergents are designed to clean clothes effectively at lower temperatures, allowing you to save energy in the process. 

Turn it off when you’re done. Make sure your machine is turned off properly when you’ve finished your wash. If any lights are on, then the machine will still be using electricity. 

What else you can do to save energy and money 

Don’t wash unnecessarily. Try to minimise unnecessary washing by hanging up clothes to air after wearing them. This enables you to get the maximum use out of each item before needing to wash it. 

Dry it outside. If the weather is fine, dry your washing outside. It’ll dry much quicker than you’d expect and will smell great too. 

Spin to the max. If you use a tumble dryer, spin your clothes first. The less moisture they hold before drying, the less you will have to use the more energy-hungry tumble dryer.