The phase out of incandescent and halogen bulbs

What's going on with the phase out of incandescent and halogen bulbs?

As a technology that only converts about 5% of the energy it receives to light (95% of it goes to heat), incandescent bulbs can no longer be sold in the EU. The phase-out is expected to save around 39 terawatt-hours of electricity each year in the EU by 2020.

Incandescent bulbs were phased out in the EU in 2012.  LEDs that can replace a 100W incandescent bulb will produce the same amount of light whilst consuming about 1/8 of the power.  These energy savings really add up if you upgrade multiple bulbs in your house.  A 100W incandescent bulb may cost upwards of £15 a year to run - LED equivalents can do the same job for less than £2.

Halogen bulbs have also been subject to legislation that will phase them out for more efficient options.

For mains-voltage, halogen spotlights, C and D class bulbs were phased out from September 2016.  The market for LED equivalents has developed very rapidy over the last few years, meaning there are now many options to replace these at a good price.

D-rated, traditional style halogen main ceiling bulbs will be able to be sold until 2018, when they will be phased out.  However, until then there are many more efficient LED options available - see Topten's lighting section for options and savings estimates.