Top10 featured in the Guardian's Live Better Challenge

  • By Victor Gonzalez
  • Published 6 years ago

8th May 2014

The Guardian's Live Better Challenge is a series of seven monthly calls to action to live in a better and more sustainable fashion.

Top10 contributed a series of articles to be featured on the page as part of April's Energy theme. The articles include tips on how to use your appliances more efficiently and cover televisions, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and freezers and light bulbs.

You can view the articles via the links below.

Televisions: Thursday 24th April

Dishwashers: Friday 25th April

Light bulbs: Monday 28th April

Washing machines: Tuesday 29th April

Fridges and freezers: Wednesday 30th April

Featured Products

  • Liebherr TP1760
    Liebherr TP1760
    • Energy rating: A+++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 64
    • Energy efficiency index: 21.5728
  • TRISTAR VE-5865
    TRISTAR VE-5865
    • Energy (kWh/year): 12.8
    • Energy efficiency index: 0.6
    • Power (W): 40
  • Bosch KSV36AW41G
    Bosch KSV36AW41G
    • Energy rating: A+++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 75
    • Energy efficiency index: 11.9883
  • Tristar VE-5924
    Tristar VE-5924
    • Energy (kWh/year): 6.4
    • Energy efficiency index: 0.68
    • Power (W): 20
  • Bosch Serie 4 GSN36VW30G
    Bosch Serie 4 GSN36VW30G
    • Energy rating: A++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 234
    • Energy efficiency index: 26.8003