Ecodesign saves consumers up to £300 every year

  • By Stewart Muir
  • Published 10 months ago

A new study produced by European Consumer Association BEUC, and its sister organisation ANEC has quantified the approximate savings afforded to the average household by Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policies.

The study found that consumers save around €330 per year due to ecodesign, which has resulted in EU laws requiring manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient products and reduce power consumption in standby modes. Savings are calculated to be even higher if consumers chose products with the highest efficiency levels, such as those featured on Topten.

Ecodesign policies have also improved product design in some cases, for example where vacuum cleaners have been seen to deliver improved dust pick-up performance since a cap on power was introduced, with lower noise levels seen.

You can access the study here and an infographic here.

Featured Products

  • Miele TDB130WP
    • Energy rating: A++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 211
    • Energy efficiency index: 31.7365
    • Condenser efficiency class: A
    • Energy per drying cycle (kWh): 3.63
  • Sony KDL-40RD453
    • Energy rating: A+
    • On-mode power: 48
    • Standby power (W): 0.5
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 70
    • Energy efficiency index: 0.2279
  • Shark Lift Away NV340UKR
    • Energy rating: A
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 23.2
  • Miele W1 ChromeEdition WKB120 
    • Energy rating: A+++
    • Noise (spin cycle - dB): 73
    • Noise (wash cycle - dB): 48
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 176
    • Energy efficiency index: 41.1
    • Spin efficiency rating: A
    • Annual water consumption (l/year): 9900
    • Weighted average energy per washing cycle (kWh): 0.79
  • Miele F12020S-2
    • Energy rating: A++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 151
    • Energy efficiency index: 29.6381