How does Topten make a difference?

Building on the EU Energy Label, Topten provides an impartial and independent platform for manufacturers to showcase their market leadership in using the best available technology across their products. 

Consumers can help transform the market through demanding the best performing products. Through creating greater consumer demand for the most energy efficient models, Topten aims to incentivise manufacturers to produce a greater number of products using highly energy efficient technology for each of their markets.

Topten gives consumers an accurate snapshot of the very top end of the UK market. Information tailored to national markets is critical as within most product categories, individual models differ technically between countries or regional country groups, meaning that in some countries far fewer highly efficient models are available.

It is crucial to consider the cost of an appliance over its whole lifetime. The higher initial outlay often associated with the most energy-efficient products can put off budget-conscious consumers from opting for the best performing product. Topten helps consumers to understand the average annual running costs and how these costs compare to an average model.

With our Topten Product Guides, we also help consumers use their appliances in the most energy-saving way – reducing the impact on our pocket and our planet!