How are Topten listings compiled?

Within the Topten consortium, we analyse market data to identify selection criteria that represents the current best-in-class energy efficiency standard for our product listings.  Over the last 10 years, the market has undergone a strong transition towards more energy-efficient products, with higher energy classes occupying yet higher market shares; we aim to capture this in our listings.

For example, in the case of fridge-freezers, in 2014, 5% of available models were in the A+++ class; only 1% of models achieved this in 2011.  So we look to capture this in our selection criteria.

(source: from GFK). 

From this criteria, a top ten (or sometimes top nine or top eleven) product list is established.  We receive data from manufacturers, retailers, sales portals, exchange data within the consortium and generally keep an eye on the market to maintain updated listings that are linked to somewhere to enable purchase. 

Topten UK also takes into account a spread of makes and price ranges that meet criteria to ensure that for a variety of brands and budgets, we can point consumers towards a highly efficient product that will help save money and the environment.

Topten UK does not test products in the laboratory; it exists purely as an information guide.